Guide to Donating Artifacts

The Transportation Museum of Thunder Bay (TMTB) is a non-profit registered charitable organization dedicated to the collection, restoration, preservation and display of transportation artifacts (including historical records) of Thunder Bay ( former pioneer cities of Port Arthur and Fort William) and the surrounding area.

We appreciate the interest of the public in helping us preserve and collect artifacts through donations.

The following questions and answers is a guide in the process of donating articles to the TMTB.

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What should I do if I want to donate an object to the TMTB?

Contact TMTB by email at or by phone at 807-935-8974 and discuss the donation and guide you through the process.

Does the LTMS take all donations of artifacts?

No. TMTB is unable to accept all offers of donations. Someone from TMTB will view the artifact and determine its eligibility. so a determination will be made by the organization to accept the donation. If the donation is not accepted TMTB may recommend another museum or archive that might be more in line with your donation.

How do I get my object to the museum?

Once your donation has been accepted TMTB will make all the necessary arrangements with you to have the artifact delivered or picked up.

How is ownership transferred to the museum?

When a donation has been accepted, TMTB will arrange for a final Gift Agreement to be signed by the donor and TMTB.

By signing consent, all rights and ownership of the item(s) are transferred to TMTB. The transfer of ownership will state that:

” The above-named Donor, being the sole legal and beneficial owner of the object(s) listed below and having full right and entitlement to dispose of the same, hereby irrevocably and unconditionally donates such object(s) absolutely to the Transportation Museum of Thunder Bay, free of all claims, liens and encumbrances of whatsoever nature.”

The Gift agreement must be signed before TMTB can take possession of the object (s).

Can a donation be returned if I change my mind?

No. Once the donation process has been completed, the object(s) become the legal property of TMTB and cannot be returned.

May I obtain a tax receipt for my donation?

Yes. The Transportation Museum of Thunder Bay is a registered charity and can issue gift-in-kind income tax receipts for the value of an object (s). TMTB reserves the right to assess value of the donation or to request an independent appraisal of the item.

This process may take several months depending on the donation.

At the time of contacting TMTB about the donation, the donor must indicate if they would like a tax receipt. Tax receipts are for the year that the donation was received from the donor.

NOTE : Revenue Canada requires, at the donor’s expense, an independent qualified appraiser to assess values greater than $1000.00 and the appraisal cost is not a tax receiptable item. Income tax legislation does not permit you to include taxes or customs duties as part of the value.

More information can be acquired from your financial advisor and Revenue Canada.

What happens to the item(s) after I make my donation?

Your donation will be catalogued along with the information we received. An assessment will be made to determine if any repairs or other research needs to be done to the object(s) and whether to display it immediately or stored for future exhibition or used for research purposes.

What recognition do donors receive?

In the discussions during the donation process and depending on the donation and its significance, donors may be recognized in conjunction with a display. Final decisions will be the sole responsibility of the Lakehead Transportation Museum Society.

Unless a donor chooses to remain anonymous, donations will be acknowledged through TMTB’s social media network.

Any questions about donations may be emailed to Lakehead Transportation Museum Society at or phoning 807- 935-8974.

Non Historical Donations

The Lakehead Transportation Museum Society is located on the southern portion of Marina Park in Thunder Bay at the former Pool Six Elevator site and adjacent to the cruise ship docking site.

We lease from the City of Thunder Bay two portions of the property where currently our exhibits are situated and are under constant upkeep and maintenance. Donations of non-historical items are most welcome to continue the maintenance of the property and /or upgrade our exhibits.

Currently, we welcome donations of the following specific non-historical items.

Working Lawn Mowers, push or riding. Any landscaping tools such as shovels, picks rakes etc..

Hand and working power tools, saws, drills, jacks, paint sprayers etc.

Fencing, ladders, scaffolding.

Decking, exterior lighting, event tents, gazebos, etc.

Banquet tables, dishes, cutlery, barbecues, etc..

Empty restaurant size cans and boxes of product for display in the galley of CCGS ship Alexander Henry.

These are just a few of the items we are currently looking for but if you have something you think we might be able to use please contact us at or phone 807-935-8974.


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