The Transportation Museum of Thunder Bay is a volunteer-based, not for profit organization dedicated to the collecting, preservation and display of transportation artifacts and history relevant to the transportation history of Thunder Bay.

The Transportation Museum of Thunder Bay works with other associated member groups to fulfil the objectives of their mandate.

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Purpose & Objectives

The TMTB is a volunteer organization located within the province of Ontario, Canada.

The TMTB was formed in establishing a transportation museum. This museum will protect, preserve and promote the transportation related history of the District of Thunder Bay and/or pertaining to the Lakehead and the former cities of Port Arthur and Fort William.

The LTMS was formed to advance education by improving the public’s understanding and awareness of transportation history in the region.

The LTMS will operate for the public benefit. The corporation shall be carried on without the purpose or gain for its directors, and any profits or other accretions to the corporation shall be used in furtherance of its purpose and objectives.

Associated Organizations

Links of Associate organization that make up the LTMS include:

Ontario Historical Society

Former Home Of Alexander Henry

Current Asset

The Alexander Henry, a former Canadian Coast Guard Ice breaker that served on the Great Lakes from 1959 to 1985 when she was retired from service and decommissioned. She also acted as a buoy tender, lighthouse supply vessel and occasionally for search and rescue.

The Alexander Henry was constructed by Port Arthur Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. at their yard in Port Arthur, ON (now Thunder Bay) and launched on 18 July 1958. The icebreaker entered service in July 1959 with the Department of Transport’s Marine Service as CGS Alexander Henry using the prefix “Canadian Government Ship”.

CCGS Alexander Henry served her entire coast guard career on the Great Lakes. In 1986, the vessel was gifted to the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes in Kingston, ON for preservation as a museum ship.

Henry Background

In 2016, the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes was forced to re-locate requiring the disposal of the Alexander Henry. Disposal options being considered at the time were sinking to form a dive site or scrapping. In mid-2016, the TMTB learned of the situation and set out to obtain the Alexander Henry and bring her home to Thunder Bay. The TMTB contacted the Kingston museum and came to an agreement whereby the Alexander Henry was sold to the TMTB for a nominal amount. The TMTB then had to arrange for and fund the towing from Picton where the ship was temporarily tied up, to Thunder Bay.


The vessel was officially acquired by the TMTB in late summer 2016, and towed from the Kingston, ON area to Thunder Bay in June 2017. In November 2017, a lease agreement between the TMTB, the City of Thunder Bay and the Thunder Bay Port Authority was signed allowing for the Alexander Henry to be permanently docked at the former Pool 6 site at the Marina Park.


Volunteers are currently restoring the Alexander Henry to its state when it was decommissioned. When open to the public, the ship will once again be a museum ship and with guided tours for the public and for schools. These tours would introduce participants to past and present shipping activities on the Great Lakes. In addition, the Alexander Henry will also serve as a venue for both public and private events. Money raised from these activities and from donations will be used in the on-going restoration of the Alexander Henry, other transportation artifacts and future dedicated building for the museum.

Future Work

The ultimate objective of the TMTB is to have all these artifacts and more along with associated historic documents on display and accessible within or next to a dedicated building.

Other potential artifacts in the immediate area include:

About LTMS

Board of Directors

Wally Peterson

Rob Kilgour
1st Vice President

Brian Phillips
2nd Vice President

Karen Green

Elle Andra-Warner

Dave Muir
Director – Maintenance

Michael Abraham

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